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Liquid Earth

The planned product suite will improve communication in and between teams both out in the field and in the office, regardless of location. Thus, collaboration and cooperation within organizations will be greatly enhanced which directly impacts overall productivity and the bottom-line. To this, organizations acquire the ability to in real-time, regardless of location, inspect the assets in detail and subsequently run test hypothesis and conduct modelling on the go - thus, briding the gap between office and field execution. Through state-or-the-art version control the users will be able to gain clear insights into how the model was composed in order to ensure the quality of the models for years to come. The key metrics involves a clear separation of data sources and quantification where all steps can be retraced without headache.

The knock-on effect to this is the increased value of acquired data where the need for data acquisition is mitigated, providing peace of mind for the staff with greater overall risk management and strategic decision making. As multiple models are continuously considered the base to make hard decisions is expanded, which in the finalized product suite will fully act as a decision support system for members throughout the organization.

Planned key features

  • Augmented real-time visualization and interaction

  • Cloud-based cross-platform collaborative use and communication of geological models and 3D data

  • Fully integrated geological modeling capabilities

  • Model verification in the field

  • Version control with multi-hypothesis modeling

  • Probabilistic machine learning


  • A greater understanding of underlying ore body

  • Observing, interacting, and modeling seamlessly in the field and office alike

  • The product suite does not require any specialized hardware

  • Better management of geological data

  • Smooth dynamic geological modeling

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