The Field Augmented Reality in Mineral Exploration and Mining (FARMIN) project addresses the lack of a link to and between the visualization of data and models while conducting geological field work, which acts as an essential component within mining business with common devides in understanding between geologists and engineers. To handle this, intuitive and immersive visualization is required for efficient interpretation and communication of models, in order to prevent the occurance of inaccuracies  from temporal and spatial gaps between field data acquisition and data processing and modelling.


FARMIN aims to improve the exploration success rates which are below 1% within the industry, reduce costs and lead times for the exploration process, and improve cross functional communication through the development and utilization of augmented reality solutions with aggregated geological data.


Project development

  • Commendations

    February 2021

    For 2021, EIT Raw Materials introduced a new review process with external evaluators on a few randomly selected projects within their project portfolio. FARMIN ended up being one of the lucky selected projects and went through the process with several commendations.

  • Project Meeting

    January 2021

    During January a general project meeting between all partners was held in which all work packages were reviewed thoroughly, with new technical progress presented together with the plan for the way forward.

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    Stakeholder day

    December 2020

    Our project members TERRANIGMA and RWTH Aachen attended and presented twice at the Stakeholder Day of Innovation Hub North. 

  • Visual 3D

    November 2020

    The precursor project to FARMIN in the form of Visual3D was selected by EIT Raw Materials as a success story. Read more here!

  • Tech demo

    August 2020

    Consortium wide meeting with updates on the technical demonstration. The vertical slice was showcased together with an consortium wide meeting.

  • Workshop

    May 2020

    Workshop with the technical development project members was held, hammering down the future basis of the commercial solution.

  • Workshop

    January 2020

    Initial consortium workshop meeting was held in Aachen, Germany. Meet-up with VR and AR demonstrations from the consortium members.


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